Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Early Birthday Presents

Our ward (congregation) is moving out of our current church building and into another one. I was down at the church this morning for a toddler music time that I teach every week, and some of the ladies from the Relief Society were there cleaning out the closets. They said I could take anything I was interested in.

I am now the proud owner of a large tote full of tole painting supplies, a 10"x13" wall mirror, several blank cassette tapes, a bottle of Italian salad dressing, six dowels, a skein of yarn, a box of toothpicks, and fourteen small tubes of hand cream.

Happy early birthday to me!


Kira said...

LOL. I am soooo glad you took a bunch of stuff, I was feeling kind-of bad about the two bottled waters, HUGE box of 64 tupperware containers, four sets of embroideries, chocolate syrup and ranch dressing I took. :)

Mary said...

You guys made out! I'm temporarly storing the bouqets and table cloths in the extra bedroom.