Friday, April 25, 2008


Since industrial collapse is imminent, I thought I'd better go out and buy myself a nice pair of dress boots while I had the chance. I've always wanted a pair, and my mother sent me some birthday money, so I set off just after lunch to find some.

Unfortunately, this is not boot season. For some reason, all shoe sellers and department stores believe that no one will get a sudden urge to buy boots in the month of April. I visited four stores before I found any boots at all, then it took three more stores before I found a pair of boots my size. On the other hand, because no one wants to buy boots in April, they were on clearance!

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Frozen Cacti said...

Being a shoe lover myself I can fully appreciate the joy of finding the right pair of shoes that you have in mind. They look great on you, by the way. Maybe I can sell my shoe collection for food if the world is actually coming to an end? We'll see.