Wednesday, March 26, 2008


"Mom! I have a serious problem over here!" my ten year old son yelled as he banged his fist on the table, almost stabbing his homework with his pencil.
"Please, if you need help, ask me politely," I said in my supremely calm mother voice.
My son took a few deep breaths, "Mom, could you please come help me with my homework?"
"Yes, thank you for asking politely."
When I came to his elbow, I saw he had a geometry worksheet. He had to identify each shape as a square, a rectangle, a parallelogram, or "not a quadrilateral." So far he had everything right, until he got to the kite shape.
"This is a quadrilateral!" my son fumed, "But it isn't a square, rectangle, or parallelogram!"
"Hmmm." I said. In cases like this I defer to Dr. Carlson.
"I think we have a problem here," I said as I showed the worksheet to my husband.
He got as far as the instructions at the beginning of the page, "This is a problem! Technically, every square is also a rectangle and a parallelogram."
Smart alec.
"But look at this," I pointed to the kite.
"Oh! Yes, this is a quadrilateral. Any four sided shape is a quadrilateral."
"Who wrote this worksheet?" I grumbled.
"So what do I put?" my son pleaded.
"Write, "This IS a quadrilateral, and who wrote this worksheet anyways?" I told him.
"You do it, mom, please?"
I did it gladly.


Lexi said...

Hi Rebecca, my friend from the old days at ABNA...(did someone win it? Must look it up).

I've added you to my links page - thanks for the link to my blog.

I like your classy layout. And what a multi-talented person you are, and with all those children! I struggled with just one (now at university).


Cherilyn said...

LOL! I'd hate to be a teacher to kids of geniuses.