Monday, February 25, 2008

A Visit to the Render Farm

Here are some pictures from my recent tour of Pixar Animation Studios!

First here I am posing by the front doors with my sister Rachel, Sully, and Mike.

Next we have my whole family standing by the front gate after the tour, plus a pedestrian who happened by at the time and told us we needed some more color in the picture. You can probably guess which one she is.

Last, in my favorite shot, we have Wall-E, my brother Jon the rendering intern who got us in for the tour, my sister Rachel, and myself.

My favorite part of the tour was the Render Farm, a room full of more computing power than you can shake a surge protector at. All those blinking lights and humming processors! It was cool!

I'd like to assure the folks at Pixar that my brother Jon told us NOTHING about their upcoming project, the one he is working on, except that he was working on it and that he could tell us NOTHING about it. Except that he thinks it is going to be the best thing Pixar has ever done.


All because of you, Jon, right?


Frozen Cacti said...

EWW! I can't wait to find out!!! What a fun trip.

Kira said...

Oh my gosh! PIXAR!!! I LOVE THEM! Hi by the way! :)