Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Tyranny of the Alarm Clock

I finally turned the alarm clock on again last night. In my opinion, alarm clocks, like coffee, are cruel instruments of sleep deprivation. If you get to bed early enough, you shouldn't need them to wake up in the morning.

Ideals are all very well until you have a five year old that must be gotten up at two a.m. for a visit to the potty and a two year old who crawls in bed with you and pulls your hair around three a.m. every single night. So, after resisting for several months, I am back to relying on the alarm clock.

Early in our married life, we had the alarm set to turn on NPR every morning. That worked only moderately well because we liked to lie there and listen to the news, and then even after we turned it off we would lie there and TALK about the news. It took a half hour to get going! Then I decided to switch to a Spanish speaking radio station. Nothing like a loud Hispanic polka to get me leaping out of bed to hit the "off" button as fast as possible! When that grew tiresome I tried tuning the dial between stations so that I'd get a loud, jarring, static buzz to jerk me out of my dreams. Last night I realized that I might as well flip the switch from "wake to radio" to "wake to alarm."

So this morning at ten till five I woke terrified that the house was on fire, until I remembered that I had set the alarm. Nothing like a little alarm clock induced adrenaline to get you going in the morning.

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Teric said...

Haha yes! The alarm clock: Something that knocks the daylight into you. 4:50 AM, eh? I'm impressed. I thought I was the only one (aside from doctors and police) that got up before 5:00 AM.

How to get your 2/3 year-old from crawling into bed with you at night? We watched a whole SuperNanny episode about this. The final solution was consistency. If the child crawls into bed with you, immediately get up and gently take the child back to his bed. It requires a lot of determination, because it's SOOOOO easy to just let him come and lay down so you can continue sleeping. I'm still trying to work up that determination myself. :)

Lord Kyrick sounds like a delightfully interesting character! I really loved the concept of his artifacts of irony. Do you have a spot online where you have posted your work? I looked on your homepage, but was unable to find anything. Maybe I missed it?