Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New Music Stand!

For a long time I wanted a nice wooden music stand to go with my harp. The rickety collapsible metal one I used just didn't seem to match it, and besides, my sons liked to take off the top part, fold it so that it looked like a crossbow, and then run around the house playing with it. Very clever of them, but not so good for the old music stand.

I took a risk and ordered this one from Amazon.com. The wooden music stands at the piano store were all over $100, so this one was a steal at $40. It was too red, so I got out my can of dark walnut wood stain and put a darker coat on it. Now it looks very nice.

The timing was impeccable. The very day I brought the new stand in from the garage, wood stain all cured, the boys brought me the old metal stand with one leg broken off. I guess they'd been trying to fold it to look like a rocket launcher or something.


Karolynn said...

Wow, that's pretty good timing.

Teric said...

Excellent! Yes, those old collapsible metal music stands are notoriously fragile, unstable, and ugly. Even the steel-plated ballast-weight music stands they had at high school and college were stable enough that you didn't have to worry about your music falling off if you breathed on them wrong.

Very nice looking new stand, Rebecca. Enjoy!