Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I Had a Bad Feeling

For a long time, I just had a bad feeling about that upstairs bathroom floor.

I thought that the floorboards were rotting. There was a squishy spot. If I put my heel down on it just right, it gave a little bit. I wanted to rip up the vinyl flooring and see what was going on. My husband assured me that there was nothing wrong with the floor, and that I was only suffering from old-home-owner's anxiety.

Then, one day as I was scrubbing the floor, I noticed the vinyl had already started to peel up in one corner by the vanity. Experimentally, I pulled it up a little more and saw that the wood underneath was WET! Soaking WET! AHHHH! DISASTER! Where had that water come from? We were going to have to tear up the whole entire floor and rebuild the house!

I started digging in the cupboard under the vanity and found several ruined rolls of toilet paper and a puddle under the sink. It turns out the little lever that controls the sink stopper had been dripping water every time someone ran the tap. This had seeped down along the back wall and then into the floor, all without me noticing!

Fearing for my floorboards, I ripped up the vinyl until all the wet wood was exposed. At first I felt terrible, but after a while of working at it I started to calm down. I let it all dry out for a few days, then treated it with chlorine bleach to keep it from getting rot. The floorboards are fine. That squishy spot wasn't the wood at all, but a place where the vinyl wasn't stuck down well enough.

Now I get new vinyl for my floor! My kids have been having fun peeling up the rest. In fact, I think I'm going to paint the bathroom and maybe even get a nicer vanity to replace the water damaged one. Every disaster is a triumph waiting to happen!


Anonymous said...

Be sure to post photos of your remake as you go along! I'm glad to hear it wasn't anything more serious!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Rebecca! Russel mentioned the water leak problem to me when you guys were visiting, but I didn't know it was that bad. Sounds like you stopped the damage in time, good show.

It was SOOOOOOOOOO good to have you guys come to visit this past weekend. We loved having you at our home, sharing good food, stories, and songs. Kimberly was tickled pink that we were able to sing as a full quartet on Sunday night--she was raving about it to her parents and my parents on the phone yesterday. You have successfully impressed the whole of my household.

I hope your day at Disneyland went well, and that all of you were able to have a good, memorable experience.

Anonymous said...

Oh, by the way, the above comment was from me.