Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Busiest Day of my Life

Yesterday I had four major events scheduled:
  • Music Time: Every Wednesday I teach a one hour singing and movement class for toddlers. The first Music Time of the month always takes a little extra because I have to swap out the props for the new monthly theme. Then I dash off afterwards to pick up my kindergartener from school.
  • PTA Meeting: As the newsletter editor, it really helps if I actually attend the meetings to get the scoop on what's going on. From three thirty to four thirty I scribbled notes, then ran home to get some food in the kids before. . .
  • Red Mountain Choir: Last night was the first rehearsal for the Red Mountain Choir, a community group that my husband and three of my children belong to. I drove them there, then sat in the car with the two youngest ones. Fortunately I had brought the lap top computer, so on half the screen I put on "Fantasia 2000" for the kids and on the other half of the screen I used Red Mountain Choir's wireless internet signal to check the blogs and message boards while I waited for rehearsal to be over.
  • Book Club: After the choir rehearsal, I left my children watching "The Castle of Cagliostro" in Japanese while I went to a ladies book club meeting. We discussed "To Kill A Mockingbird." This was fun, since all of us had read it in high school but got SO MUCH more out of it reading it this time as adults.
At book club mostly sat there looking dazed, though I enjoyed listening to the other ladies talk about the book. At last I came home and, blessedly, was able to get to bed by ten! HOORAY! I SURVIVED THE BUSIEST DAY OF MY LIFE! I probably won't catch up on the housework until Saturday, but there you have it.

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Rebecca J. Carlson said...

Dear past self, you have NO IDEA. That looks like a normal day when you've got a house-full of teens and two part time jobs. I love you. Keep the faith. You'll get stronger.